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Hypochlorous Solution

Non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment. Hypochlorous is the substance your white blood cells naturally produce to fight off infections in the body.

Best Disinfectant

The Disinfect Pro 100 is an organic water based hypocholorous solution for spraying, wiping and immersing. It is the perfect disinfectant for fighting antibiotic-resistant germs in Workplace. Certified Food Grade Disinfectant.

Elimante Germs

Neutralises all bacterial odours and droplets on contact. The Disinfectant Pro 100 is an Organic Disinfectant and Cleaning Solution that Eliminates all bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi.
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PRO 100
The Challenges of our Time
Hygiene conditions in a large number of areas are below the required standard and this circumstance has a wide range of effects on people and the environment. Strategies for dealing with antibiotic-resistant germs and effective infection control play an increasingly important role in the current clinical and economic situation.

Without sustainable improvement of hygienic conditions, there will be less and less effective means of treating infections caused by this dangerous group of germs, as well as an increase in overall infections.

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In 2018, WHO identifies antimicrobial resistance as the greatest threat to global health, food supply and human development.

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Certified & Tested to the Highest Standards
Dermatologically tested. ECHA PT1, PT2, PT3 and PT4 classified. Totally Alcohol Free, Halal certified by HCS. Food Grade Disinfectant Solution.

Applicable on nearly all surfaces (metals, plastic, leather, glass, wood etc.) Heat and cold resistant. Shelf life guaranteed for more than 24 months after opening when properly stored

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Our COVID-19 deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation range has been scientifically proven by a certified independent labratory to be effective against the human Coronavirus family.
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CovProtex offers all year-round protection and not just through the coronavirus pandemic. Fewer pathogens in the workplace will result in less sick days for employees, so your business will be much more productive

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