For managers, employees and residents in care home environments, it’s of paramount importance to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene in order to reduce the risks of further outbreaks of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. Failure to comply with health and safety regulations can effect residents day to day lives, disrupt treatment plans, and increase employee absenteeism.

With solutions like these you can assure guests your care home is among the safest in Britain
– Eddie Dujon, CovProtex

When it comes to cleaning, these 5 steps can make a biggest difference.

  • Maintain active surface protection
  • Sanitise equipment with long term protective coating
  • Create proactive and reactive cleaning regime
  • Prepare emergency fogging service in case of an outbreak
  • Regularly encourage hand washing

Innovative surface protection solutions for care homes

CovProtex offer an innovative surface protection product for care homes that utilises a unique electrolysis process to create a disinfectant that is completely harmless to humans and nature, while eliminating all germs such as bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi for up to 12 Months. Simply spray or wipe on one time to offer superior long lasting protection you can count on to make your care home residents and staff feel safer at work.

Organise an emergency fogging service in the event of an outbreak

If an outbreak does occur in a care home, it’s of paramount importance that a professional deep clean and disinfectant ultra low volume (ULV) fogging treatment is carried out. CovProtex offer this service as a fast and effective process for safely decontaminating large areas like care homes. Fogging has a quick drying time and will massively reduce the number of pathogens & germs present throughout the building in comparison to manual surface cleaning alone. It is also completely safe for humans and 100x more effective than bleach and other toxic chemicals. In Addition, staff and residents should not become complacent after the fogging treatment has been carried out and maintain the recommended proactive and reactive cleaning regimes. Employee training and constant reinforcement of hygiene best practice is essential to reduce the risk of transmission during an outbreak.


Hypochlorous cleaning solutions are eco friendly & highly effective

oxic cleaning chemicals such as bleach can be harmful to residents and care workers over long periods of time. With the increase in cleaning recommendations its important to choose your cleaning products wisely in a care home environment. This is why CovProtex recommend our Hypochlorous solution. Hypochlorous acid is the substance your white blood cells naturally produce to fight off infections. It can be found inside all 7.5 billion humans at this very moment. Our Hygiene range is considered 100x more effective than bleach and other toxic chemicals and has long lasting properties. Our Hygtec Surface protection product can protect surfaces for upto 12 months with 1 application. It can be Sprayed on, Wiped on or distributed through Air Humidifiers and Air Conditioning systems. Download our product brochure to learn more about our environmentally friendly range of hygiene and cleaning products.

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