COVPROTEX fight bacteria & germs on an entirely new level

Our range of Sanitisation Tunnels and active surface hygiene solutions provide comprehensive and long term protection against germs and infections on an entirely new level. Download our product brochure for more information.

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Sanitisation Tunnels offer a comprehensive solution with 99% accuracy

Many businesses are trying desperately to get back to normality, but the one thing on everyone´s minds is the fear of further outbreaks. To aid them, we have created an affordable range of sanitisation tunnels that safely disinfects clothing and records everyone´s temperature prior to entering the building.

Innovative Sanitisation & Temperature Alert
Walk-Through Tunnels


One of Nature´s Secret Ingredients that offers the perfect sanitiser.


Hypochlorous Acid is one on nature’s oldest sanitisers.

Its the substance your white blood cells naturally produce to fight off infections and can be found inside all 7.5 billion humans at this very moment.

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    Alcohol FREE (halal certified)
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    Non-toxic to humans & the environment
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    Eliminates Germs & Viruses in seconds
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    12 Months Surface Protection

Unique Spray / Wipe-on Hygiene Solutions

Our sanitiser products utilise a unique electrolysis process to create a disinfectant product that is harmless to humans and nature, eliminating all germs such as bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi for upto 12 Months. Simply spray or wipe on to offer superior long lasting protection you can count on to make your customers and staff feel safe at work. CovProtex are also able to offer a Surface Disinfectant that can protect virtually any surface against the spread of infection for up to 12 months. It acts by killing all pathogens, germs and viruses on impact.

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Utilise humidifiers & air conditioning to quickly & safely disinfect commercial areas

Our products can also be applied effectively by cold fogging rooms. This process is done by automatically controlled room humidifiers and air conditioning systems which, depending on the application area, apply a predefined quantity depending on the environment, thus ensuring optimum hygiene conditions in the air and on surfaces for upto 12 months.

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Hygiene Solutions?


Our products help cut costs, improve efficiency and safeguard critical infastructure such as offices, schools, hospitals, sports facilities, hotels, transport and much more.

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    Complete Protection

    Hypochlorous acid eliminates all bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi reliably within minutes.

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    Naturally occuring

    Safer sanitisation product based on hypochlorous acid and water which occur naturally in the body.

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    Long Lasting

    A long lasting disinfectant coating that dries in half hour and provides protection for up to 12 months.

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    Easy Application

    Application as liquid disinfectant, wiped or sprayed onto surfaces.

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    Save Money

    Eliminate the need to purchase numerous expensive, toxic chemicals.

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    Non Toxic

    Dermatologically tested with no corrosive or toxic residues. Safe for everyone.


MTC, BAUA, ECHA PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4 and HACCP approved safe for humans.

Hypochlorous acid has been rigorously tested and is one of the most natural and effective known biocides known to man. It disinfects 100x better than bleach, and is human, animal and food safe.

Our sanitisation tunnels are currently being installed in West Ham Football Academy.

Football will now be able to return to the academy without fear of spreading germs thanks to our intelligent walk through sanitisation & tempature sensing tunnels that are 100% safe to humans.

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Affordable, Effective & Efficient for Every Business

Our products can be applied in a wide range of industries including critical infrastructure such as hospitals, clinics, hotels, transport, shopping centres, and gyms etc. For commercial areas distribution through the air provides all round surface disinfection that can be guaranteed in a sustainable and efficient way.

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